Monday, 3 March 2014

Concrete Rainbow


I detest London during winter as everything is so drab and dull which consequently makes life so much more draining. I have overcome this fear by bringing some colour to life through what I wear. I especially hate it when shops are crammed with monotonous, dreary coloured clothing which would explain why I have gone a little over the top with colour in this outfit.

I was recently browsing East End Thrift Shop when I came across this poncho. I know most people would rather run a mile than wear a poncho, let alone a crazy multicoloured one, but the intensity of this knitted piece instantly adds some much needed zing. I love the contrast of knitted textures so I paired the poncho with my green crochet dress that I inherited- it also matches perfectly with the rainbow poncho! 

Apart from buying clothes I love making them as well. I made this kooky bag out of some odd pieces of coloured furs and felts which transformed into a Sesame Street like face... It always brings some humour to my outfit, and a few odd looks by small children!

Hope this look brightens your day,

Maddy X

Poncho - East End Thrift Store // Knitted dress - Vintage // Furry bag - made by me! // Tights - Calzedonia // Metallic Creepers - Underground


  1. I am in love with these photos, the colours just pop against the background! Did you take these photos yourself, with a tripod? Or did you have someone to take them?
    fashioncult xo

  2. Found u via Sara-- love this look and the especially the lipstick--perfect colour!

  3. I love love love your poncho <3

  4. Love these photos, you look so good!