Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Fashion Obscura the Art Student

So lets be honest, this isn't my normal OOTD post but I thought I'd finally share some stuff from my art school. If you haven't guessed by now I am an art student, well a fashion student to be more precise! I am currently studying Fashion Communication as part of my Foundation at Central Saint Martins which I am loving as it involves every aspect of fashion (apart from the designing and making of it) which includes photography, styling, film, journalism and directing; the work that I do is actually very similar to the way in which I conduct my blog posts. Usually I don't blog about my school work as it doesn't have anything to do with my eclectic style of fashion, however I thought I'd share a few pieces from my recent project "Une Fantaisie de Fleurs" which is a performance piece that I directed, styled and edited. To cut the story short the project reveals a dystopian tale of a mysterious girl possessed by flowers (don't ask why!).

(yep I did photograph this in my bath!)

Okay so the Ikea net curtain that I'm wearing may not be that wearable but the outfit does include my treasured vintage lace cocktail dress that I inherited from my Grandmother, and my new beloved metallic Creepers. I've really enjoyed this project as it is something quite fresh and surreal, plus there's something really therapeutic and exciting about making your own work and seeing the final piece. These are a collection of photos that I've experimented with different filters and collage...

Hope you enjoy,
Maddy X


  1. It really is great Maddy ! I think it is a great idea that you share your work from school ! I would have loved the opportunity to do such things as a student !
    Your work reminded me of the painting Ophelia by Millais as well as the film Melancholia by Lars Von Trier ! They both are great inspirations !
    Can't wait to meet up ! I'll be in London in 9 days !

  2. WOW That's amazing!!
    Really cool blog!