Monday, 17 February 2014

London Fashion Week: Day 1

That time of the year has come when central London becomes infested with sky high stilettos, the constant "ping" of iPhones and water is replaced by coffee- I introduce you to London Fashion Week. For those who have never been to LFW it is a five day event where worldwide, and of course British, designers, bloggers, journalists, stylists, photographers and models come together to celebrate the upcoming fashion trends for next season. The events take place across London but it is primarily based at Somerset House which is transformed into a fashion zoo.

Robin Pope Photography

Holly McGlynn photography

As a fashion blogger and fashion student Somerset House becomes my Mecca during LFW come rain, wind or flooding which took centre stage on the Friday. None the less a bit of rain and wind will not stop my fashion adventures- they do say every grey cloud has a silver lining right? Well that silver lining would be my metallic coordinated look. This season I have transformed into a mystical magpie as I’ve formed an obsession with anything metallic or shiny. I decided to add some much needed colour and shine to dreary Somerset House in the form of my outfit which consisted of a genuine leather turquoise Asos mini dress, orange Ragged Priest jacket, (special edition) silver Underground Creepers and my beloved jewel encrusted plastic clutch from Skinnydip London. Yes, the whole outfit is rather blinding (well and literally) but this metallic trend has been a massive hit on the catwalk of Marc Jacobs and Rodarte at New York Fashion Week this season.

Me and my college friend Ryota sheltering from the rain

The day itself was very exciting as I saw many familiar faces from college and lots of bloggers and photographers who I met from previous seasons. I was fortunate enough to attend the Eudon Choi and Bora Aksu show which were amazing, especially as I got to sit second row (thanks Cecile for getting me in!)! I especially loved the 60s nostalgia of the Eudon Choi show and I loved their choice of the Kinks playing in the background even though it was very hard to resist not dancing on the catwalk! The collection itself was very playful as it included a mixture of sleek Mod chic with a bold, colourful twist. It was a very refreshing show and the atmosphere certainly uplifted everyone from the treacherous weather and typical stresses that come with LFW.

My favourite looks and accessories from the Eudon Choi Show

During the course of the day I was fortunate enough to be photographed and interviewed by a range of wordwide multi-media platforms including my favourite magazines Company, LOVE Magazine, i-D and Glamour. Since then I have been fortunate enough to feature on their Street Style pages.

All in all the first day of LFW was a mixture of emotions, and weather. What I love most about LFW is the atmosphere and the people. The catwalk shows are very glamorous and fun, however they can be rather monotonous and too commercial for my liking, plus they are actually very short in reality. Yet fashion is a natural instinct for many, its something which affects us in our daily lives whether we take notice or not. Yes, fashion can be short-lived however style is eternal and for me its a way of life. I was interviewed by ABC News on that Friday of LFW, and when asked what fashion meant to me all I could say is that "its a platform of expressing myself". I don't go to Somerset House to pose and get my photo taken, I go because I want to be part of a community of people who share the same love for fashion as I do. But most importantly I want to bring share my creative visions.

Maddy X


  1. My god you are amazing! Perfect outfit and I adore a mix of everything! Wow I am in love! Could you just link those creepers? I need them in my life, definitely xx

    1. Thank you so much Becky, I'm glad you liked the outfit. Unfortunately the Underground creepers were special edition and they sold out very quickly so I don't think you can buy them any more :( Xxx